Hi. If you are on this page chances are you or a loved one is struggling with addiction. As a recovering addict i know all to well how hard finding treatment can be. If you would like some assistance in locating a treatment center that is available to you please fill out the form below to contact Earle & his team. I currently work for a Treatment center that has locations around the country. If you have medicaid or no insurance please still contact us and we will find the best options we can, go over faith based treatment, and help you navigate through the system. We are interested in helping EVERYONE regardless of insurance so whether or not you have any please still reach out and we will do whatever we can to help.

Find the RIGHT Treatment Today !

Todays rehab world is a mess. It is full of body brokering, unsafe rehabs, and crooks who only have one thing in mind and thats money. It took me 8 months of not working for a treatment center with offers coming in left and right before i finally chose the one i work for now. I would not send someone to a place that i would not send myself to. The company i work with has multiple treatment centers around the country that provide amazing mental health & substance abuse therapies and have top of the line facilities. please contact for any questions you may have.

It is also very difficult trying to find to find 

treatment for someone with medicaid or no

insurance. There is no part in the parenting handbook for having an addicted child and no one expects to have to find treatment for their wife or husband or brother or sister. After being in state run treatment centers over 50 times in my life i have learned how to find the places and navigate through them.

If you have medicaid or no insurance my team and I will do everything we can to find the best options we can for you or your loved one.

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