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Hi. My name is Earle Van and im a recovering heroin addict.

Earle van Live is designed to show you a little bit of everything I do. This includes traveling the country as a motivational speaker and Gateway intervention professional. During these trips I visit homeless communities to hand out clothes & hygiene items while spreading some hope. Some the places I speak include jails, prisons, rehabs, universities, schools, youth centers, and addiction events. As of today I have performed over 40 interventions and have an over 95% success rate. My life has almost been lost on numerous occasions and I now know God kept me alive to help other addicts achieve sobriety and prevent kids from starting down that path. 

One way I spread HOPE and awareness is by making videos. My Facebook page @Earle Van is a vessel to carry a message to people affected by addiction. My belief is to be honest and open with my past to show other addicts that they too can recover. My mother @Ma Van is a huge part of spreading hope as well. After dealing with my addiction for over 10 years she has a unique ability to help parents who have a loved one in addiction. As a team WE want to help other families mend their relationship like we have been blessed to do. 

Make sure you keep scrolling and follow us on social media to be apart of this movement of addicts and family members fighting addiction and changing the stigma. Stay tuned as I travel from state to state and country to country using my past life of darkness to shine light on addiction and the damage it is causing the world.


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The Overdose that changed my life forever !

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Gateway Intervention Professional


As a person in recovery I use a mixture of my personal experience with addiction and my training to relate with the addict while helping the family mend any broken relationships they may have.  Addiction causes the family dynamic to shift dramatically and can cause an unhealthy environment for everyone involved.  As a professional interventionist my job is to help get the loved one into treatment , but also help the family heal. A common misconception is that interventions are only for the addict but in actuality a large portion of it is for the family and friends.  It is very important that during the process everyone involved stays on the same page and works as team. Doing this is a great start to fixing any broken relationships the family may have.   Another misconception is that interventions are only one day when infact they can last for months.

Read below to see what an intervention entails.  

How does an intervention work  ?

  • Consultation 

The first step is to make a detailed plan of action. I will start by receiving information about the person in need such as Name, Age, Location, Drug of choice, etc. We will also discuss dates, location, travel, fees, treatment options, which family members and friends will be involved, and any other information that will help prepare for the intervention. This also the time for any questions, concerns, or fears the family may have. Its very important to start the process of with open communication to make sure everyone is fully prepared and that everything is taken care of before I arrive. 

  • Pre - Intervention

This step consists of the family and I meeting for a day to go over the plan in detail and prepare for the next day. We will go over different scenarios and get to know each other so that we can work properly as a team. I will also go over each persons role and make sure everyone leaves prepared with a detailed plan of action. This part is very important because if we are not all on the same page it will be very easy to lose control of the room. I will also be giving each person an assignment to do that night. 

  • The Intervention 

The day of the intervention we all meet near the location and I will go over the assignments and make sure everyone is clear on their role and answer any last minute questions. It is imperative that we go into the intervention fully focused and as prepared as possible. Most interventions are done without the loved one knowing. Catching them off guard seems to be the most productive. Once it begins I will be mediating the entire process and making sure we keep full control of the room. The objective here is to let the person know their friends and family love them and will be there to support them if they decide to receive treatment. It also to get them to make the decision to get the help they need. Although this is not guaranteed I have performed them with an over  90% success rate. 

  • Post Intervention 

After the intervention I will continue communication with the family to help set up after care and make sure the family is continuing to heal. My mother who has dealt with my addiction for over 10 years is also available to help with this part of the process. We had a strained and damaged relationship due to my addiction but after therapy, time, and hard work we are now closer then ever; working to help other families achieve the same happiness. I will make myself available for any questions, concerns, or issues the family may have about their loved ones treatment or recovery. 

One of many success stories

Meet AJ. He was one of the worst cases I have seen. His family and I went to his trailer which had no electricity and did the intervention. It was hot, sticky, and he was extremely high. Today AJ has over 7 months sober and just recently moved into his own apartment. Today he has his job, family, trust, and most importantly his life back. 

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Motivational speaking

As of today January 23rd 2019 I have spoken at dozens of different locations. These include jails, prisons, rehabs, detox centers, high schools, universities, youth centers, addiction events, political forums, celebrity events, town hall meetings, Naranon meetings, businesses, organizations and the list is still growing. The two main objectives I have in speaking are to spread Hope and Awareness. As a 28 year old I have lived an interesting life. My addiction began at the age of 13 with my own grandmother. I come from family full of addicts and alcoholics who I used with all of my addiction. Since I got an early start my life spiraled out of control at a young age. By 16 I was already frequenting rehab. At age 15 I was sent to a bootcamp in Missouri for 8 months where I was abused mentally, emotionally, sexually, and physically. I came home a bipolar, depressed, mad at the world 16 year old drug addict. After all of the trauma and abuse I thought I would never find my way out of addiction and the pain in my life.

Today however I am a happy, joyous, and free productive member of society. After 50 treatment stays I found my way. I use all of my life's darkness to shine a light on the ever growing addiction that's facing our world. Telling my story of addiction and recovery has filled a void in my soul. There is no better feeling to me then giving hope to an inmate, hope to a family, or hope to an addict who thinks they will never find their way. I also greatly enjoy spreading awareness to the public and the youth. If my words are able to prevent one kid from the pain i've endured then it was all worth it. The success I have had in reaching people through my story has been an amazing experience that I plan on continuing for as long as words can come out of my mouth. 

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Service Work is the key to Recovery

Outreach has become a huge part of my life. It has actually changed it. As my passion grew I started a non-profit called Hope On Deck. As of today I have traveled to almost half of the states in the country feeding the homeless and spreading a message of hope to the hopeless. The amount of pain that is in this country is astronomical. During these trips ive encountered families, kids, veterans, addicts, and people suffering with mental health issues. No matter how these people got there, they are human and deserve to be helped and treated with respect. I have gathered enough to fill 3 sheds full of donations that consist of clothes, shoes, hygiene, blankets, food, and more. If you have been affected by addiction in any form i highly recommend helping someone in need. The feeling of helping others is  Un-matchable and can help cope with pain addiction causes.It gets you outside of yourself. We can do better as a country. 

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